ENT Doctors In Singapore

Subspecialty Options Of ENT Doctors In Singapore

The scope of disorders that ENT doctors in Singapore diagnose and treat are not as simple as they seem. In actuality, it takes an experienced and highly skilled doctor to make the correct diagnosis that will aid in choosing the best treatment option to employ.

Defining The Practice Of ENT Doctors In Singapore

The acronym ENT is short for Ears, Nose, and Throat. The specialty was previously more popularly known as EENT, acronym for Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat.

But eventually, considering the vast scope of diagnosing and treating eye disorders, they opted to establish a separate group altogether, leaving the Eye doctors to form a separate group, thus coining the term ENT.

ENT Doctors In Singapore: Specializing On Each Part

Did you know that ENT doctors in Singapore and likewise in every corner of the world can be classified further according to their specialization on each part?

Say, for example, an ENT doctor who focuses on treating the disorders of the ears. By studying this part of the body in full detail, its detailed anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology and pharmacokinetics, he will earn the title of Otologist.

Alternatively, a doctor who specializes in nose disorders is referred to as a Rhinologist. A Laryngologist, on the other hand, is one who treats solely problems of the larynx.

Aside from these, an ENT doctor can also choose to specialize in treating pediatric patients. They are called Pediatric Otolaryngologists.

Surgical Procedures By ENT Doctors In Singapore

ENT doctors in Singapore are highly acclaimed for being experts in the field of surgery.

These doctors specializing in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery have spent so many years of their lives as doctors trying to learn the latest advancements in the field. This will provide for a great opportunity for them to serve their patients with utmost accuracy and precision.

With all their hard work and toil, entrusting our treatment needs to well-trained doctors will only mean positive outcomes to our health in general.

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